ITTI Building
ITTI is the BIG little institute of IT training in Auckland City, New Zealand, that has been providing state-of-the-art training in the latest IT technologies since 1997.

ITTI provides a range of computer and information technology courses that lead to internationally recognised qualifications. From computer helpdesk and computer service courses, to networking and server administration, to project management, network engineering and software testing, we have something for everyone.

Over the years our graduates have not only succeeded in gaining international qualifications, but have also carved out fabulous careers for themselves.

Our Mission Statement

ITTI will be an integral part of the local community, well recognized and respected:

  • by industry for the delivery of work-ready employees with internationally recognized qualifications;
  • by our students for the quality and value of their educational experience;
  • and by our staff, who find pride and satisfaction in being part of a successful, high-achieving team

If you have any questions about our IT Training School please contact us.